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About Us

Get to Know Us

Rangel Nursery Corp. was started in the year of 2016 by president, Ruben Rangel. With 20+ years in the landscaping industry and 40+ in agricultural fields, it's been his dream to be part of something  beyond the landscaping sphere. He searched to start  his own agricultural business to cultivate the trees and plants he's been installing for most of his life. This is where Rangel Sons Nursery commenced. 

The first plantings took place in October 2016 with thousands of conifers and deciduous trees and slowly our fields have grown with more varieties each year.

With the support of his 5 sons, wife, daughter-in-laws and especially to God and our wonderful clientele, each and every plant has passed through our hands and have been nurtured with much love and hope to our costumers. Rangel Nursery has passed state agricultural inspections and gathered licenses and proper care to our nursery stock in order to produce high quality materials. It's been a pleasure to announce Rangel Nursery opened doors to the public summer of 2022 and hope to create everlasting memories with the generations to come!

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